Sunday, October 31, 2010

My view on the election

      I just realized that I haven't utilized my somewhat small and dubious public platform to discuss the upcoming elections.  We are yet again at the momentous crossroads in which, we, the public, are allowed to choose between one of two factions of wealthy property owners.  It would be remiss of my esteemed position as 'public intellectual not to comment on this profound process.  However, I find myself in a quandary.  Who should I support?  I thought that I would pose this question here to the various candidates that crowd my blog everyday, and provide a political framework, which if taken up, would lead to my endorsement, and advocacy for on this blog.  I thought that the best way of framing these positions would be through a set of songs.

The Coup describe a tax policy that I can get behind....

Asian Dub Foundation provide some thoughts on immigration and a general orientation for foreign policy

The Clash take a position on our occupations...

Public Enemy offer a cogent critique of the police....

Bikini Kill critique patriarchy from an intersectional perspective

I realize that this only covers a few of the very important social problems of the country and issues of the election. I invite readers to make other suggestions for our electoral framework. Additionally, I invite all Californian politicians to explain how they will fulfill the demands contained in our platform. No doubt they will see the need for the abolition of private property, prisons, the police, white supremacy, and all patriarchal forms of domination after this thoughtful posting. I await their responses with a sovereign sense of patience.


  1. "I provide the sort of strong positive female role model that Kathleen Hanna is calling for when she says that she wants 'revolution girl-style now!'. I too 'dare' young girls to 'do what you want' and 'be who you will,' as long as what you want to do is not 'get an abortion' and who you want to be is not 'a homosexual.' My name is Meg Whitman and I endorse this message."

  2. What about Prop 19? I understand it is cool to put specific songs to specific social issues/critiques, but we do that everyday. What about the current arguments for/against the current propositions?