Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Insourced Workers Fired at Irvine

     I had thought I had written my last blog posting concerning the insourcing campaign with the successful integration of the janitors as UCI employees, but I once again underestimated the venality and mendacity of the administration of our school.  The administration is using the probationary status of the newly insourced workers to legitimate layoffs of a workforce already devastated by earlier cuts.  At this point, 30 workers have received warnings, and Sylvia Diaz, a leader and committee member of the insourcing campaign has been fired.  These folks are already considerably understaffed, and this action only continues to make the work of those remaining harder, in addition to the obvious hardship of the fired workers, who have worked on the campus for over 15 years.  Please contact the UCI administration to stop these unfair practices.

     If you want more information about the long running attacks on these workers, attacks obviously influenced by the racist environment of Orange County, follow the links above.  This nonsense needs to stop.

Chancellor Michael Drake
(949) 824-5111

Human Resources

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